We create unique gourmet products, inspired by the exotic flavors of Spain.


Driana Foods hopes to open the window to culinary Spain in a new and approachable way. We plan to spice up traditions adding art, mystery and wonder contrasted with a simple and practical approach accessible to all. It is Spain Unleashed!

Owner and product creator Chef Adriana grew up in South America but her family is from Spain who have crafted the famous Serrano and Iberico Hams for over 60 years. She graduated as a Chef de Cuisine in the Culinary School of the Rockies now called Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and became a Chef instructor teaching her signature classes of tapas and paella

After teaching her signature Paella and tapas class for many years she began creating pastes, spice blends and sauces capturing the flavors she grew up with and adding an artistic twist in a fresh and new way.

As a mother of three she found herself with very little time to whip up a “chef-worthy” meal so usability and convenience were paramount in the creation of her products without sacrificing flavor and her creative” mojo”.

Here at Driana Foods Inc, we produce our products with care respecting and honoring our ingredients. Our fresh ingredients are sourced locally and also from small artisanal suppliers throughout Spain and Morocco which makes the products very authentic.

Let our sauces be your tools to create your own culinary art..